Writing fast

I have wanted to “win” nanowrimo ever since I first heard about it.  I even wrote an essay about it for an undergrad class (topic: dreams, or something equally vague).  But November is such a bad month for writing: birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping, Thanksgiving, finals, Thanksgiving.

I’ve also never seriously tried to finish nanowrimo.  This year, I hope, will be different.  I’m bending the rules a little bit: my goal will be to write 50,000 words in a novel, but I’m not going to limit myself to a new novel.  What’s the point in starting a new one when the old one isn’t finished yet?

One of the challenges I will need to overcome is being able to write 1600+ words a day.  Every day.  Even when I’m tired.  The organizers of the event say a key to success is to write fast.  No self-editing, no stopping to think.  Just write.

That’s what I did for today’s post.  I did not have a topic in mind, so I just started writing.  It worked!