Happy Halloween!

Halloween is easily my favorite holiday.  October is beautiful in Houston and this weekend has been particularly gorgeous.  I’m taking the blog on the road and am enjoying the free wifi (and people-watching) at my neighborhood Starbucks.  When I’m famous and can afford a Grande Pumpkin Spice Lite Frappuccino (and a personal trainer) every day, I will write exclusively at Starbucks.  It’s like a writing group for people who don’t like writing groups.  Homeboy to my right is listening to music too loud on his earbuds and Student #1 is sitting behind me typing up bob-knows-what paper.  I myself am going to finish up this blog entry and move on to my short story before spending about 8 minutes on my Lady Byron paper.  Then the Husband should be home and we can celebrate Halloween!

I fully intended to work on the Lady Byron paper this weekend  because Rough Draft #3 is due Tuesday morning.  I will spare you my anxiety about writing workshops and my whining about this unfinishable paper and instead regale you with tales of my weekend.

When you’re a grad student, you never stop working.  This statement is no hyperbole.  If you’re not thinking about your project 24/7, you must be doing something wrong – or at least that is the mindset.  I do not work well, however, under such pressure.  I want a schedule, even if it’s loosey-goosey.  I also want a break.  One cannot read eighteenth-century novels 24/7 unless one wants to speak and write in run-on sentences.  Plus it’s not good for your eyes.  Or back.  Or sanity.

So I decided to take a break on Saturday.  Here was how it went down:  I should really finish reading Ivanhoe.  I want to knit.  But I should also finish Lady Byron paper.  If I do, it will be ripped to shreds at Writing Workshop.  So I should read.  Maybe Adam Smith?  But I really really want to knit.  Or take a nap.  What’s on TV?  Oh look, it’s Pride and Prejudice.  Jane Austen is on my comps list.  I haven’t read P&P since junior high.  This is practically research.  In fact, this is a necessity.  Jane-ites are an area of academic research.  If I watch P&P right now, I will be contributing scholastically to knowledge production.  And I can knit.

Problem solved.

Maybe it was my Saturday sleepiness, but P&P is much more funny than I remembered.  I’m not a big Austen fan, but the Keira Knightly version was quite witty in its own way.  So yeah, I would say watching P&P was a positive grad student endeavor.  I’m telling ya, I’m always working.

Last night, I volunteered/attended the Sending Out Servants (SOS) banquet organized by my bff’s parents.  It was wonderful.  I think they raised a lot of money at the silent (I know they did at the live) auction – though I wish I had known there was a mini-football helmet signed by Colt and Jordan.  My bff’s brother won because he was the only one who bid – I should have given him a run for his money.

Just got a call about Halloween plans tonight.  Looks like we’ll be hanging out with family and friends to eat and watch tv.  I hope whatever your plans are, you stay safe and sane.  Happy Halloween!