Catching up-Weekend Edition

You leave the blogosphere for one day, and everything changes.  In case you haven’t heard, Nathan Bransford, aka Agent Awesome, is changing careers.  I haven’t nothing new to add to what’s already been said, but I want to give a shout-out to his blog and his Awesomeness.  Be sure to look for his book, Jacob Wonderbar and the Cosmic Space Kapow, when it’s released May 2011.

In other news, no Book Review Friday this week.  BUT I do want to alert you guys to my new favorite Romantic poet, John Clare.  (Just an FYI-I might get a new favorite Romantic poet every other week from now on as I continue reading for comps.  But for now, Clare’s it.)  Clare entered my radar when I read about Adam Foulds’s novel The Quickening Maze.  All Romantic poets have a little bit of crazy; Clare really was nuts.  He published a few volumes of poetry before living out his life in a lunatic asylum.  Foulds’s novel is about his time there.  I haven’t read QM yet (on my to-do list), but I did read some Clare for comps the other night.  Man, oh man, so glad I did.
Just to make the story more interesting (or just more complicated), there’s some copyright drama associated with Clare’s work.  While in theory he should be out of copyright (as a nineteenth-century poet), but since his poems written in the asylum weren’t published until academics started digging in the archives, copyright has been claimed by Eric Robinson, editor of the Oxford edition of the complete poems.  This has been heavily contested, but since I don’t want to get sued by anybody, I won’t transcribe the poems here.  If you have any British Lit anthologies hanging around, you should check out “An Invite to Eternity” and “Song [I peeled bits o’ straws].”  Beautiful, lyric, weird, strange.  I can’t stop reading it over and over again.
In other news, I’m officially behind on Nanowrimo, having not written yesterday or yet today.  I plan to type out a few words before going to dinner, but will consider myself lucky if I get 500 words.  I have to keep reminding myself that any writing is writing.
Happy 3 monthoversary, blog!  I have been typing out my craziness for 3 months now, today.  Here’s to 3 more months of chatter, book reviews, and advice!