Typical Monday post from my Starbucks

I just got back from the NAGPS conference at MIT this weekend.  Strangest conference I’ve ever been to (events included “Nights on the Town” and dinner at a jazz club) but I met some really awesome people and got some great ideas to take back to Rice and our Graduate Student Association.  I haven’t uploaded pictures from my camera – among my many faults are (is?) an inability to answer email quickly and upload pics in a timely manner.  It’s just cool enough in Houston to need a jacket and just warm enough to get overheated when said jacket is worn.  I got spoiled by the great weather in Boston.  It was beautiful and cool and the leaves had fallen from the trees.  I’m not embarrassed to say I frolicked a bit as I walked from building to building enjoying the R/romantic wonderfulness of it all.

I finished some school work from Starbucks and now am procrastinating going home because they’re playing The Strokes over the speakers.  I have 48 minutes until my laptop dies, so I might stay until then.

As for my nanowrimo novel, I am beyond the point of catching up.  I’m not surprised nor am I disappointed.  I’ve already written more than I would on my own and I consider the month to be a success even though it’s only half over.  If I can write another 10-15K words before Nov. 20, I’ll be even happier.

In other news, Husband and I booked our plane tickets and hotel for our Christmas trip to Paris.  I’ve been stalking Peter’s Paris for ideas on places to go.  We’ll only be there a week so I think it will be a textbook tourist trip.  I’m not embarrassed to say I will be frolicking down the Champs-Elysees come Dec. 23.  I’ll be the American tourist wearing jeans and too-many-layers-to-be-practical speaking textbook French with a terrible accent.  Watch out.

Having nothing else to write and now writing in gerunds, I should go back to reading Adam Smith.  On Wednesday, look for an AMAZING post in the third of my series on Writing in Academia.