Pushing past the Writer’s Wall

Blogging late night at my local Starbucks.  They close at 8 pm which has to be the earliest closing time I’ve ever seen at a coffee shop.  No matter–I have an hour to get my work done.

Today I’m working on a final paper due tomorrow and a short story (already working on my pre-Resolutions!).  I don’t know why I get tired after 1000 words.  Marathon runners know about the Wall–that moment when your body stops working and you can’t go another step.  1000 words is my Writing Wall.

I know I only have 2500 more words to go before I have a first draft of this story.  I want to send it out before Christmas Craziness.  Why, then, can’t I push past this wall?

I am taking a break from it to work on the final paper for an hour, and then I will return to the short story.  I know I can finish it this weekend, I know I can!  Perseverance!!!!