Paris Journal: Part 1

Welcome back!!!  As you by now know, Husband and I went to Paris for the Holidays.  It would be impossible for me to even begin to describe what an awesome time we had.  When we left Houston, it was 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  When we arrived in Paris, it was 0 degrees Celsius.  Bundled in our still-new jackets and freshly knitted gloves, we went off to explore what the city had to offer.
My husband being a techno-geek, one of our first stops was the Apple Store in Opera.  As Husband kept reminding me, the store is unique (and therefore super-cool) because they decided to leave the architecture intact inside the building rather than Apple-fying it.  Or something.  All I know is that it was the only place we could find consistent free Internet during our whole trip.
The next day (which was by far the sunniest of the trip) we took a walk only to stumble upon this:
Perhaps you recognize it?  It’s HUMONGOUS.  Like, way bigger than I ever thought it would be.  We took several pictures from this location. (Money shot!)  Also with us?  Every Single Tourist in the World.  You can see a few of our closest friends in the above picture, some of whom are trying to sell us mini-Eiffel Towers.  5 for 1 Euro?  How to resist the temptation???
Husband nearly freaked out when he saw a Peruvian Flute Band.  It’s good to know they’re still protecting the Great Cities of the World.  If you don’t get the reference, you haven’t been watching enough South Park.

And because I really, really couldn’t believe how big this thing was (no seriously, it’s huge) I took a perhaps indecent pic of it’s under-carriage.  I think the bird only adds to the immensity of it.  Scale, and all that.  Can you tell that it’s super big yet?
Then, we walked walked walked because I saw on the map that there was a subway stop called “Bastille.”  In my head I knew that the Bastille no longer exists (July 14, 1789 and all that).  But in my heart, I really wanted to see peasants with pitchforks.  I got Jean-Jacques Rousseau instead.  You can see his neatly opened book (“Emile”) on the ground.  A sign I should be working on school work instead of frolicking?  Perhaps.  But you only get snow never in Houston, so I wanted to soak in all the cold deliciousness I could while there was still time!

Ok, so it snowed last December in Houston.  That was a freak of nature, and besides, this is a blog post, not the History Channel.  Check out the snow on this statue:
We couldn’t go walking in the gardens of Versailles because of the weather, but I don’t even care.  Look at that snow!  The ponds are even frozen over!

Heedless of my personal safety, I endeavored to clear a path for wayward travelers in the Versailles courtyard.  It soon devolved into kicking snow piles onto Husband’s shoes.  Caught in the act:

And even though there is too much to see and do in Paris, we found time to make our very own snowman:

(Gratuitous pic of the Eiffel Tower.  Blog has dissolved into pictures of snowy wonderfulness.  Did you want a narrative?  Check back Friday, I’ll try to do better.)

Just when I thought we would perish for lack of Tex-Mex, a sign in the distance caught our attention.  Mexican food in Paris?  It was too much.  We decided to refrain lest it prove to be more delicious than Chuy’s.

And on one glorious afternoon, we lost ourselves in the Latin Quarter looking for this–the only English language bookstore in Paris (or so they claim).  While I immersed myself in the stacks, Husband went outside to check the map to see where we were.  He said that the two ladies sitting at the table here cursed and smoked up a storm while drinking a bottle of red.  Even if you’re not going to buy a book, head upstairs to the library and find the guy taking a nap in the overstuffed chair.  I grabbed a copy of the Paris Magazine and escaped without knocking over a stack of books.

Coming Friday: Adventures in Ghostland

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