Keeping a schedule is hard!

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit adrift.  I’m not taking as many classes as I have in the past because I’m studying for my comps (or at least that’s what I keep telling myself).  My scheduler has a big blank hole where “January” should be.  Part of me likes it that way.  One of the reasons why I escaped the 8-5 Real World was so I could have time to be creative, read, or just think a lot.

Nevertheless, I am starting to crave some sort of artificial schedule that will keep me from watching 3 seasons of “How I Met Your Mother” in 2 weeks.  And to be fair, Husband (who does have a Real Job) has been watching it with me, so there’s a strong possibility I will continue to watch too many reruns even if I do have a schedule.

BUT I also want to finish my manuscript.  And read All The Books.  And, you know, have time to clean the kitchen once and a while.  So even though past attempts to create a schedule have fallen flat, I have hopes that this time will be different.  Maybe.  Sort of.

I will try to Keep a Schedule for the next week to see how it goes.  I will try to update the blog when promised (MWF, Book Review Friday this week!!!).  I will try to write every day.  I will try to not watch 4 hours of tv a night.  Even though I really want to see how this Robin and Barney thing works out.


One thought on “Keeping a schedule is hard!

  1. Neurotic Workaholic says:

    I like Robin and Barney together more than I liked Robin and Ted together. Barney's funnier. It is hard to keep a schedule when you're working from home; believe me, I know. Especially because I'm addicted to crime dramas and there's always at least one crime drama marathon on TV every day.

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