Bookshelves and Zen Living

I have a lot of books and a lot of bookshelves.  We recently rearranged them for Maximum Apartment Optimization and Clean Living.  Maybe less Clean Living and more Space Saving.  We still have not achieved Feng Shui.

I haven’t decided how I feel about the new arrangement yet, so here’s a pros and cons list.

1.  My TBR pile is no longer in field of vision from my bed.  I no longer get panic attacks right before bed time.
2.  Academic books are no longer in my bedroom.  I am no longer sharing personal space with Harold Bloom, Michel Foucault, and Edward Said.  This is a Good Thing.
3.  There are only two bookcases in the bedroom.  There is theoretically more walking space.

1.  Poetry has been relegated to the dining room.  This seems awkward for so many reasons.
2.  My wedding magazines, French magazines, and assorted picture books no longer have space on a shelf and are stacked in piles on the bedroom floor.  This obstructs our newly found walking space.
3.  I have too many library books.  These are also now stacked on the floor, along with file folders, paper, and assorted academic fun-times.  They are not fun-times.

I have come out a victor in the Rearrangement as I have commandeered shelf space from Husband (who said imperialism was dead?),  Unfortunately, books have now been sorted, organized, categorized and shelved according to size, shape, author, and type.  This makes the books on the shelves more purdy and accessible, but does little to solve the other structural problems, namely the stuff on the floor.

The saga continues.


One thought on “Bookshelves and Zen Living

  1. Laura Campbell says:

    Poetry books in the dining room might come in handy. Need something to talk about, read a poem and discuss. I need more bookcases. Books are stacked in front of books on shelves. My entertainment unit houses lots of books, including cookbooks. My bedside table is completely littered with books. Magazines are all over the place. A complete mess. Yet, for some reason I can't fight the compulsion to buy more. I'm in the process of find a support group.

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