Why do Writers Abandon Novels?

… asks the New York Times.  My favorite quote is from Stephen King: “Writing a novel is like paddling from Boston to London in a bathtub.  Sometimes the damn tub sinks.”  And how.

I have abandoned two novels; one never really got off the ground, and the other is fermenting in my hard drive.  I’ve also abandoned countless term papers, stories, poems, and other miscellaneous written ephemera.  It looks like I’m in good company.

The only illustrious Romantic I can think to add to this list off the top of my head would be Frances Burney, who burned her first novel, The History of Caroline Evelyn, when she was 15 because she thought  her writing was improper.  She went on to write four novels, some plays, and a marvelous journal that is just as interesting and witty as her fiction.

Keep writing, my friends.


One thought on “Why do Writers Abandon Novels?

  1. Laura Campbell says:

    I've only written one novel, and I am about to extract it from the filing cabinet to revise. I am taking a one-day novel workshop in April. It's my motivation to get this bad boy going and finished.

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