The Kindle Millionaires

Some trends are just too big to ignore.  If Husband, who reads on average 1.231 books a year, calls my attention to the Kindle Millionaire (aka Amanda Hocking) and Nathan Bransford writes an incredible blog topic about it, then I gotta throw my hat in the ring and share my 2 cents on the topic.

First of all–major kudos to Amanda Hocking.  You go Glenn Coco.

Second–I have to agree with her (according to the quote on Nathan’s blog) that just because it works for one author does not mean that every self-published author will have the same run of success.  At the same time, I have to admit that her success makes me think twice about self-publishing.  Not that I’m at that stage yet, but I have seen several recent blog posts about the merits of self-publishing and choosing a small publisher.  (Michelle Davidson Argyle has a fantastic series on self-publishing on her blog, The Innocent Flower.)

Now that I’m officially mad at Random House (who doesn’t provide free desk copies to teachers?  I mean, honestly) and Borders filed for bankruptcy, it’s time imho to have a serious conversation about the future of publishing.  Self-published books will never take the place of small university presses (which hold the future of tenure hangs in their little paws) nor will it overtake the Big 6 publishers.  But words are slippery objects, and as I blogged about last week, publishing has not always had the form that it holds today.

Expect more posts on this topic in the near future.  For the moment, I am signing out with a shout out to blogger Tahereh Mafi, who has a book deal.  Woohoo!!!!


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  1. Libby says:

    I'm excited about the prospect of self-publishing and what it means to the world of publishing and books. It's an exciting time. Nice post!

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