Fleeting Pages

Have you guys seen this?

The idea is that this “pop-up book emporium” will take over an empty Borders bookstore and sell independent and self-published books for a month.  The organizers also plan to host events and raffles over the course of the project.  A celebration of the written-word, so to speak.

Check it out.  If I were in Pittsburgh, I would totally be hitting this up.  And to all you indies out there, consider sending out your stuff.

We live in a crazy, beautiful, mixed-up world.


3 thoughts on “Fleeting Pages

  1. Neurotic Workaholic says:

    I like that idea, especially because it gives a whole new group of authors a change to gain publicity for their work. When I buy books, I often pick up the ones that happen to catch my eye, like the ones that are out on the display tables. It's good in that I've found a lot of books that way, but on the other hand I might have missed out on all the independent and self-published books that don't get the same attention. That'd be cool if they did something like that in Chicago.

  2. Laura M. Campbell says:

    I'll be in Pittsburgh for the Pennwriters Conference and visiting my sister in May. I hope it's still there. I'm interested to see the indie side of publishing. It's sort of a kick in the face while Border's is down by moving in to the empty bookstore, but survival of the fittest.

  3. Anna says:

    Yeah, I agree that it's a shame that they did this while Borders is restructuring, but at the same time it gives authors a chance to sell their books in a space that would otherwise become something that's not a bookstore.Good luck at the Pennwriters Conference! It sounds fun.

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