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This morning as I was checking my email, I was greeted with another happy-ending to a bookstore closing.    Publisher’s Weekly is more likely (it seems) to publish info about the Borders bankruptcy than to report on other book-selling news (unless it is to say that it’s bad out there, really really bad).  But today there was a charming little article about Buffalo Street Books, an independent bookstore in Ithaca, NY that was slated to close before the local community got involved. Buffalo Street Books is now reopening as a coop.  How cool is that?

I get a little tingly when I think about people pitching in to help struggling bookstores.  What is really cool about this idea (besides keeping a bookstore alive and healthy) is that the new owners will help curate parts of the store.  Someone who is interested in philosophy (the example given by PW) will present a list of 20 important books that should never be out of stock. Brilliant!  How often have you gone into a bookstore and been surprised that the one book you need, the one that should be EVERYWHERE, is nowhere in sight, but 20 copies of The Distant Hours are scattered on tables, on shelves, and near the check out counter? I love you, Kate Morton, but your books are suffering from super-saturation.

Just a little bit of good news for your morning.


4 thoughts on “Buffalo Street Books

  1. Neurotic Workaholic says:

    It is kind of sad that so many bookstores are closing; I always liked Borders, because the booksellers didn't mind if I browsed for a long time, though I often ended up buying a bunch of books and then having to eat a lot of peanut butter sandwiches for dinner because I spent my food money on books. But I also like the independent stores because they have so much more character, and they are often more likely to have the hard-to-find books. I think it's neat that the community came together to help out Buffalo Books; it shows that people still care about books and the people who sell them.

  2. Anna says:

    I'm on the fence about Borders; I've always been more of a Barnes and Noble kind of girl for the same reason. We have some cool indies in Houston, but I'm still drawn to used bookstores more than those that sell new books, for the same reason that you like Borders. I can browse and browse, and buy tons of books. Even though they're cheap, I still eat a lot of peanut butter and crackers because buying books is an addiction that I don't want to shake!I love me some Amazon, especially because they'll have books that you can't find in bookstores. I have looked for bloggers books at Borders/Barnes and Nobles to support them, but usually I can't find them. They didn't even have Janice Hardy's Healing War series! So, I guess my relationship with bookstores is complicated (like so much else in my life!).

  3. K.M. Weiland says:

    Confession to make: Amazon has always been my go-to shop for books. The uber-convenience of a million books at my fingertips, free shipping, and unlimited browsing has always suckered me in. In my lifetime, I've maybe purchased a dozen books at a bricks-and-mortar bookstore. Of course, I'm also a huge library user. I'm more likely to borrow books than buy them until I'm certain they're good enough to add to my personal library.

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