3 Reasons Why I Love Graduate School

What a wet blanket yesterday’s post was. I feel like I’m that guy who shows up right before everyone is about to get smashed at a party and hands all the designated drivers a Dr Pepper. You know he’s right, but dang does he know how to kill a buzz.

There’s enough bad news in the world. Let’s lighten the mood by sharing three things that absolutely ROCK about grad school.
Desk copies for teachers. Boxes in the hallway from professors who are moving their office or retiring or Spring Cleaning. Review copies. Anyway you slice it, there are lots of free books to be had in grad school. I just scored 16 volumes today including 2 by Hardy, a Hemingway, and a Norton edition of Jane Eyre to replace my copy printed on non-acid-free paper that disintegrated as I read it. Awesome! (Just don’t tell Husband. He thinks we have too many books already. I know, see what I have to put up with?)
Not much. But some. I’ve written more in graduate school than I did in the 20+ years preceding it. If you want to be a writer and are struggling to get paid, this is the place to be. Either that or Paris—but only if you’re Hemingway in the 1920s. Graduate school it is then.
Not in a Marxist sort of way. Unless that’s your thing. Even in the midst of competition, there is usually a friendly face to reassure you that no, you’re not crazy, dissertations are really that complicated. Conferences are a great way to meet people who also think that the complex social and economic values portrayed in George Meredith’s novels is a FASCINATING topic and yes, they would love to discuss it with you over a martini in the hotel lounge. Graduate school helps you meet people who are like yourself, for better or for worse.
And because I feel especially guilty about yesterday’s topic, a fourth.
Your department holds lectures, right? And the graduate student association is hosting a coffee break. Why are you still here? Eat! Eat!
We’ll be back tomorrow with more tongue-in-cheek discussions of reading, writing, and the new Lady Gaga CD. Which reminds me…
5. LADY GAGA CD FOR $0.99 (on Amazon yesterday)
If you have Amazon student, you could have downloaded the new Lady Gaga cd for less than a buck yesterday. I would have told you, but I was busy ruining everyone’s glass of chianti. Nathan Bransford, I am not.
PS-Husband finally discovered Hyperbole and a Half. Go laugh and have a good evening!!! 

3 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why I Love Graduate School

  1. Amateur Reader says:

    Ah, another advantage of the relative wealth of the social sciences – once a week, we had free beer, too.A disadvantage – our free books are not as much fun.

  2. Anna says:

    Que??? We don't get *free* beer per se, but the graduate student bar is a not-for-profit and they pass the savings on to us. Not quite sure how they square that with the IRS.

  3. Laura M. Campbell says:

    Hyperbole and a Half is hilarious! A book collecting all the hilarity in the near future has me on the edge of my seat! Oh, and my boyfriend hasn't said anything about the amount of books I own. Granted, he buys lots of toys and comic books. I think we're even. Phew!

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