Submission Day

Yesterday I submitted another short story to literary journals. Yesterday felt like a day of triumph; today feels like another writing day with more words to produce, more ideas to develop, more stories to create. But I am SO PUMPED about finding out the results that I am going to share with you the reasons why I think you should be submitting your work.

Aside from the obvious benefit of getting your work and your name out in front of editors, submission day should be celebrated because you’ve won the Writing Wars. What’s that you say? You have a stack of rejection slips on your desk from the last time you submitted? Who cares? I do too. The great thing is that we’ve finished a story, we’ve sent it out, and someone not related to us read it. Even if they just read the first page. We’re writers now! Hoo-rah!

Submission Day also provides a much-needed deadline for procrastinators like myself. Many journals have specific deadlines for open submissions; if you miss the window, you will probably have to wait 6 months for the window to open again. That’s a pretty good incentive to get your editing butt in gear if you ask me.

So what are you waiting for? Start submitting! Even though I realize that by encouraging you to submit more of your work I am implicitly inviting more competition for my own. I say, bring it on!

And because I’m getting more than a little excited about football season, some Longhorn Cheer and Pom love:

Keep writing, my friends.


5 thoughts on “Submission Day

  1. Meredith says:

    Go longhorns! I've been wanting to write more short stories and submit them–thanks for the encouragement! Good luck with your submissions!

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