Want to network with other bloggers?

Hope over to Rachael Harrie’s blog where she is hosting the Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign.

Good luck to you East Coast-ers. I’m jealous that you’re getting rain and we’re not. If you get tired of being wet, feel free to send some of it to Texas.


10 thoughts on “Want to network with other bloggers?

  1. inluvwithwords says:

    Hi Anna,Thanks for the well wishes (I'm in Irene's path.) Hopping from blog to blog tonight before we lose power. I'm a fellow campaigner in the short stories group and a new follower. Looking forward to getting to know you through the campaign.

  2. alberta ross says:

    Hi – thanks for dropping by – I am wandering around in between having friends to stay – when I have finished the initial round will be dropping back to investigate the site better – keep smiling

  3. JoAnna77 says:

    Hi Anna,Just dropping in to say 'hi' from the writers campaign – I am in the same group as you – lit fiction 1. Looking forward to getting to know you better during the campaign.

  4. blackanddarknight says:

    Hi Anna, good to meet you! Just another campaigner here . . .I'm in Oklahoma, so I feel for you guys down south. I hope that you get your much-needed rain soon, and that we all have it in abundance!

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