Today during my run

a girl that I know from school was chatting with me about running buddies. I told her I don’t run with people because I talk to myself too much during the week and my long run is the only alone time I have left. She gave me a strange look and asked what I talk to myself about. I said, “Oh, you know, stuff.” She nodded and said that I should try running with a partner to make the marathon less boring. Then she walked away.

There’s nothing like having someone confirm that you really are as crazy as you suspect yourself to be.


I went to get my car after the run. Our normal parking lot was blocked for some reason, so I had to park in a neighborhood. Driving around Austin long ago taught me never to trust a parking spot. Plus I can’t parallel park. Well, I’m sure I could, but I didn’t want to try to remember driver’s ed at 5 in the morning. So I found this spot in front of a house.

When I was reunited with my car, there were three people talking in front of the house. I did the awkward wave thing and unlocked my door so I could make a quick getaway. But I was foiled! They drew me into their circle of conversation and started talking about the neighborhood. It turns out the house next door was for sale and they wanted me to buy it. Um, yeah, I’ll get right on that on my grad student stipend. Sure thing.

And to seal the “deal,” the woman brought me inside her house, which was a Romanticist’s dream. It looked like the inside of a French chateau (done on purpose because her husband is French, swoon). There were paintings, tapestries, old wood furnishings. And books. OLD books. MANUSCRIPT books. I died.

Would someone call Husband and tell him this is what a house should look like? He seems to think the only acceptable home furnishings come from Ikea and Target. I foresee many heated battles in our home-decorating future.

ANYWAY, no, Dear Lady-With-the-Awesome-French-Chateau-House, I cannot afford your neighbor’s $400K fixer-upper. But you have killer taste.

And now to take a Saturday afternoon nap.

Keep writing, my friends.


7 thoughts on “Today during my run

  1. L.G.Smith says:

    What a weird thing to have happen after your run. That must have been one friendly wave. 🙂 And I refuse to walk (so not a runner) with anyone either. I prefer to think about my novel when I walk. Sacred time.

  2. Laura M. Campbell says:

    What awesome randomness! It's always the moments you dread the most that turn out the most memorable. You should go back over to The-Awesome-French-Chateau-House and take pictures.

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