My Two Week Update

Always a follower, it seems that I have fallen into the Blogger Fatigue that is plaguing blog-writers everywhere. My reason for not posting? I’m deep in the middle of Prospectus revising and I’m finding myself incredibly boring to be around. Anything new? Nope, just drafting the Discursive Contents section. Again.

But I do have some fun things to share. I’m going to the MLA convention in Seattle in January. My friends recently moved up there and I’m planning to take an extended siesta once I get there to enjoy snow and cold weather. So if any of you fellow Englinerds are going to the convention, email me—we’ll get coffee.

I finished a short story and am deep in edits for the novella. My novel-length work that I finished this summer was way too bloated, but once I hacked and slashed it down to 1/7 of its original size, it began to take shape. Crossing my fingers that the revised version works better as a novella.

October is the happiest of months. I’m loving “American Horror Story” and the second season of “Walking Dead.” I made pumpkin butter last weekend (when I get stressed from writing, I run. When I get tired of running, I cook. Sometimes badly. But the pumpkin butter is very tasty when paired with toast and cheddar cheese. I highly recommend it.) And though I have been slacking on decorations, I’m hoping by October 30 I will have at least put up some of the scary pictures we bought last year. Don’t worry; they’ll probably stay up until after Christmas. That’s how I roll.

If you haven’t seen (Feminist Ryan Gosling), you haven’t lived.

What’s up with every literary author ever publishing their latest book in October? Peter Nadas, Alan Hollinghurst … It’s like my undergrad years are coming back to haunt me. Not to mention Jeffrey Eugenides’s The Marriage Plot. A book about love, loss, and the Victorian novel? I just don’t know if I can handle reading it while writing my prospectus.

Lately I’ve been sticking to the fantastical; I just finished Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus—simply amazing. I’m going to try to go to her book signing at Murder by the Book on Wednesday. I’m also looking forward to 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami—it’s also a heavy-hitter at 944 pages, but a little of the dystopian never hurt anyone. (I recently found out he published a memoir about running, so I might not get to his lengthier novel until after the fuss has died down.)

What books are you looking forward to this winter? Any I need to add to my post-prospectus reading list?


3 thoughts on “My Two Week Update

  1. L.G.Smith says:

    I'm still catching up on stuff that came out two and three years ago. I'm not the fastest reader, nor do I have huge chunks of time to set aside for reading anymore. But being behind has it's good points. I can usually get a book used and at half-price by the time I get around to buying it. I'm reading The Help right now. Enjoying it.

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