Ernest Hemingway on Housekeeping

Some thoughts for those of you resolving to keep a tidier house in 2012:

“… I did not watch him because I wanted to remember the bull as I had first seen him, so I went, in the dusk, to the second kudu and waited there until they came, with the flashlight and then, remembering that I had skinned-out or seen skinned-out every animal that I had ever shot, yet remembered every one exactly as he was at every moment, that one memory does not destroy another, and that the not-watching idea was only laziness and a form of putting the dishes in the sink until morning, I held the flashlight for M’Cola while he worked on the second bull and, although tired, enjoyed as always his fast, clean, delicate scalpeling with the knife …” (E. Hemingway, Green Hills of Africa, pp. 235–6)

Words of wisdom to those of you tempted to skimp on doing the dishes this evening.

Keep writing, my friends.


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