Off the Beaten MLA Path

While in Seattle for MLA/Winter Siesta, my friends and I went to Mt. Rainier for a gorgeous trek through the arctic wonderland. Upon viewing a virgin landscape, I decided to make my mark upon the land by smacking the snow-dust off the top of a nearby tree.

Action shots follow:

That tree ate my leg. Up to the butt. It felt like I was entering a vast abyss of ice and snow and tree-revenge.

It was like an episode from The Happening:

In case you didn’t see that expression on my face, a closer look:

But do you see the snow-cap on top??? I don’t think so! Who has the last laugh now, Tree?

My jeans and khaki French-Revolution-style coat were covered in snow-dust, but my feet stayed dry! My boot buying adventure was a success!

And for one spectacular moment, I lived out my childhood dreams and made a snow angel:

And I ate dust-snow. Lots of it. Better than a box of kittens.


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