A Shout Out—And a Big Thank You—To My Readers

In the last week, I have received some killer emails that made me smile and pump my fists in the air—and they were from writer-friends I met through blogs and the twitter.

As a blog host, I am terrible about telling you how much your comments and silent readership means to me. When things get busy or stressful or boring in my life, I’m more apt to retreat to my cocoon (or rant and rave at Husband, the poor thing) than reach out to fellow blog-writers who are more than likely dealing with the same issues I am. To write about weakness or failure—it’s a scary thing, and yet that’s why we form communities of writers.
I appreciate all of you, for all your thoughtful comments and insight and helpful replies to my crazy. Thanks for reading, but most of all, thanks for writing. Words are what keep me going even when I’m tired and want to take a nap. You guys rock my socks.
Here’s a video of the surprise Bieber wedding dance—I think it expresses my love for you quite nicely:
Because it is an exciting day—Lauren Groff’s ARCADIA is out and about and earning great reviews!
ARCADIA has earned starred reviews from Publisher’s Weekly and Kirkus, and has a host of fans (including me and Richard Russo) who all think you should read this book.
Longtime readers of this blog may know that I have a fan-girl crush on Groff. Her first novel, MONSTERS OF TEMPLETON was a NYTimes bestseller and got advance praise from none other than Stephen King. Her follow-up collection of short stories, DELICATE EDIBLE BIRDS, was an emotional tour de force, one that I still have echoing in my head when I sit down to write.
One thing I will say about ARCADIA: it deserves all the advance praise it has received, but readers of Groff’s work may find that her newest novel, its point of view filtered through the sensitive protagonist Bit, does not have the bite that her earlier work exhibits. The women in this novel are every ounce as strong as any in Groff’s fiction, but the emotional intensity of the prose has a polish to it that softens the traces of anger scattered throughout.
So go forth and read it, and tell me what you think.
And keep writing, my friends.

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  1. Laura M. Campbell says:

    I'm a sucker for choreographed greatness, and I will definitely be checking out Groff's new novel. I remember you talking about months ago and haven't been able to forget the cover.

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