Happy 2015!

Well, we survived 2014. It was a helluva ride, and, excepting the birth of our wonderful daughter, not a great year. I’m thankful to have made it this far, and if all goes according to plan, will write my heart out in 2015 to make up for the lack of productivity these past 12 months.

My goals (not resolutions, which are made to be broken!) include:

  • Month: Write 2 pages/day for the new novel (I’ll talk about it more in the coming days), and query first novel
  • Semester: Finish dissertation, and write 3 stories
  • Year: Write 1 book review/month for NANOFic and other venues

The year is already starting on the right foot: I am teaching a course this Spring on Robots, Zombies, and Vamps (Oh, my!) The Cultural Contexts of Horror. I have been putting together my syllabus and writing assignments. Some Romantic literature, some nineteenth century German, contemporary works. And the movies … I can’t wait to get back in the classroom again after a long hiatus.

But for now, a nap seems to be in order. Keep writing, my friends.